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New Year, New Car – The Best Vehicles To Upgrade To In 2023

Happy New Year! 2023 is finally here and we are all hoping that this will be a joyous year filled with prosperity. It is good to do a couple of personal upgrades when the year is still fresh and one of the best upgrades you can do is a new ride.

A new car is something that can make anyone feel very happy and content. This type of upgrade can make traveling a lot more comfortable and is sure to give you a huge boost in energy so you can take on all challenges that might come your way.

We see plenty of new vehicles launched on the market every year and most modern vehicles are designed to offer better performance, fuel efficiency, and comfort than all previous vehicles on the market. The biggest challenge of upgrading to a newer vehicle is to select the right one. In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best vehicles to upgrade to this year.

The Mercedes Benz GLC-Q1

Mercedes lovers are overjoyed about the new GLC-Q1 SUV that is expected to launch early in 2023. This glorious car is expected to be more affordable than the GLA crossover but features a mild-hybrid engine that competes with other vehicle models like the BMW X3 or the Audi Q5. 

The Mazda CX-60

Mazda has been producing some very stylish budget-range vehicles lately and their latest CX-60 is going to be just as stylish. This wonderful vehicle has an all-new look and will be distributed in 4 and 6-cylinder engine models. This new car is expected to launch in Australia early in 2023. 

Volkswagen Amarok Q1

Truck lovers can rejoice because the all-new Amarok Q1 is expected to be better than ever before because it is the product of teaming together with Ford. This stylish truck will feature a V6 turbo-diesel engine as well as a 2.3-liter turbo-petrol engine. It is labeled as one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2023.

The Ford-F150

Ford lovers are also eager to see the launch of their new Ford F-150 truck in Australia. This is already one of the best-selling cars in North America. Even though it is going to be a pricey investment in Australia because imported vehicles will need to be converted to right-hand drive, it is still expected to do very well because of Ford’s extensive factory warranty that is included with this beautiful beast.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6

Hyundai took a huge leap into the future with its Ionic 6. This electric sedan has a futuristic look and is expected to do very well when it launches early in 2023. It is certainly a good upgrade to consider if you love modern tech and want to own an electric car.

The Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is a car model that stands out in any region, especially here in Australia where V8-powered muscle cars have become so scarce over the past few decades. Ford lovers are eagerly waiting for the arrival  2023 Ford Mustang with its V8 turbo-petrol engine and stylish new look. 

The Kia Sportage Hybrid H2

Those who love hybrid vehicles are very excited about the launch of the new Kia Sportage H2. This stylish mini SUV is expected to do just as well as the top-seller Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. The mid-size SUV is perfect for average families who are looking for something stylish yet functional.

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