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Materials In Your Old Car That Can Be Recycled

Recycling is a very important process because it helps preserve our natural resources and supports a growing economy. It is important for everyone to pitch in and recycle as much as they can. Recycling can help reduce your carbon footprint because so much more of the stuff you use will be repurposed. While most of us tend to focus on common recyclable goods like clothing, plastic, and drinking cans, there is one other item in your possession that definitely should be recycled as soon as it becomes worn out – your car.

An old rusty car sitting in your backyard or in a landfill can cause a lot of pollution because your vehicle contains all sorts of fluids that are not good for the environment. Allowing your old ride to rust away is also a huge waste of resources because so much of your old ride can be repurposed. Let’s take a look at what materials or components in your car can be recycled.

Reusable Car Parts

One way in which your old ride will be recycled is by repurposing any parts that are still functional. Every car has some parts that are still in good condition and parts like headlights, blinkers, taillights, seats, exhaust systems, mirrors, wheel,s engines, transmissions, or windows can be repurposed to repair other vehicles. This is great for the environment since it will keep other damaged vehicles out of the landfills for much longer.

Engine Oil

Engine oil can be terrible for the environment. The oil can pollute soil, groundwater, rivers, and natural ecosystems and can cause a lot of damage to plant and animal life if it is simply dunked out. Instead of allowing the oil to spill onto the ground, it is taken to a collection center where it can be cleaned and reused.

Windows And Windscreen

If your car windows or windscreen is still uncracked or in good condition then these car parts can be repurposed to restore other vehicles of the same brand and make.  Car windows are, however, more challenging to recycle since they contain layers of plastic and not just sand.

Iron Metal

Most of your car is made up of iron. This metal isn’t exactly scarce but you can get a pretty good price for it at a scrap metal company. Iron can easily be smelted down and repurposed to make new vehicles and goods.

Car Batteries

Car batteries are some of the most widely recycled components of a vehicle. If the car battery is simply discarded it can also be the most damaging since batteries contain acid and other toxic chemicals that can damage the environment. When these ‘wet batteries’ are recycled, they are usually disassembled so the valuable parts can be extracted. Acid inside the battery is usually neutralised so these products won’t damage any animal or plant life. 

Plastic Parts

Every car has a lot of plastic. This is especially true for modern vehicles since most of the interior consists of plastic. Plastic should never be discarded into landfills because it can break down into smaller bits and these micro-plastics can be quite devastating to the environment. 

Engine Parts

The engine and many parts can also be repurposed for restoring other vehicles or these parts can be recycled to form new products. 

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